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Who we are

The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf F.A.I.D. is a school for Deaf Children in Lebanon, it was founded by a Dutch Anglican clergyman Father Andy Andeweg. It is a christian school that caters for all children who are deaf or hard of hearing regardless of their religion, ethnic origin or financial ability to pay.  At the moment there are 73 pupils in the school age 3-18 years, 26 resident and 47 day pupils. 

68% Muslim, 10% Druze and 22% Christian. 

Friends of FAID was started in October 2008 after a visit from Geraldine & Anton Scheele to The Father Andeweg Institute for Deaf Children.

Our Committee

Chairperson     Anton Scheele

Secretary          Geraldine Carroll Scheele

Member           Sarah Byrne

Member           Marie Tallon

Member           Avril Rooney

© Friends of FAID Ireland 2012
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