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Our Policy document.

Who is Friends of FAID?

We are a group of people who have an interest in helping hearing impaired children in Lebanon ( Lebanese and refugee ) obtaining a better future.

Our work:

-       Assisting the work  of The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf ( FAID ) financially 

-       Supporting FAID in the widest sense of the word: advice, training, volunteering, awareness raising for the work of FAID, sourcing resources and equipment, etc.

How we get our funding:

-       Fundraising from individuals through fundraising actions

-       Applying for funding on FAID’s behalf with other donor organisations

-       Promotional activities 

-       Support a Child program

How we manage our funds:

-       Our resources are managed in line with government rules & regulations in Ireland.

-       Our accounts are prepared by the treasure annually

-       Our annual accounts are lodged  with the Charity Regulator in Ireland. The Charity Regulator publishes them on its website.

-       Our accounts are also available on our website.

-       Any supporter can submit queries to our organisation for further clarity in our management of assets.

How we allocate our funds:

FAID makes a request for funding to Friends of FAID through the committee. The committee considers the request based on:

-       Does it fit the objectives of our organisation?

-       Is it value for money?

-       Is it a reasonable request?

-       Does it make a difference to the lives of our target group?

If the funding request is approved, either money is transferred into the account of FAID or equipment is bought by Friends of FAID to be delivered to the school.

Friends of FAID deducts zero funding for admin/ remuneration/ promotional activities or expenses for committee members or other volunteers.




© Friends of FAID Ireland 2012
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