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Sponsor a Child

Help Support a  Child  in Lebanon

These children need a friend like you. Transform a life today

They need your help because:


Some are poor
Some are orphans
Some come from very
large families
All the children are
  In need of Support &
Above all in need of Love                    


It cost $3000 to educate a deaf child each year,
but because of decades of war,
there is little financial support for these 
children in Lebanon.
It is vital that they develop their communication
skills when they are young. 


My aim in life is to make the deaf fully integrated citizens, to give them a chance to develop their talents, I don’t want them to be regarded as handicapped, but as people.”  Fr Andeweg.

Father Andy with his deaf students

We ask you to donate a minimum of €20 a month to help
support a child or to make a once off donation.
The entire School will benefit from your help.
You will see the work of the school through
the eyes of your child in the letters you will receive

All donations go directly to F.A.I.D,
 no administration costs are deducted.

For more information please contact:

Anton & Geraldine Scheele, Castleview, Clonmore, Hacketstown, Co. Carlow

059-6471377/ 086-6093558 e-mail or

Bank Details


Bank of Ireland
Main St  Tinahely
Co. Wicklow

IE08 BOFI 9066 70159772 52 
BIC/Swift code BOFIIE2D
A/C No 15977252
Sort Code 90-66-70

Charity Number 18520

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