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A Dream come Through

FAID are running a Parent Awareness Program and an informal Children’s Educational Program for Syrian Refugees who are deaf from August 2019 onwards. We hope to work with over 80 Syrian Refugee families and run 5 children’s clubs before Christmas 2019. Our target for 2020 is over 250 families & 15 childrens clubs and the same again for 2021.

FAID’s partners in this project are Friends of FAID, Irish Methodist World Development & Relief, Friends of Effatha, Royal Kentalis International & the UNHCR.    


Friends of FAID Ireland is a charity that
 supports the Father Andeweg School for Deaf Children 
in Beirut, Lebanon.

Our Cookbook

  Over 180 delicious Irish & Lebanese recipes
donated by our friends and supporters.

Only €10 + postage

  All proceeds go directly to
Friends of FAID

Corporate Friends

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