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Our new Science Lab


A big thank you to all our sponsors for making this new science lab possible


Thrass songs on the TV


A big thank you to Des for donating the TV

A new Ear irrigator


Friends of FAID purchased a new Ear irrigator. Wax can now safely be removed from the children’s ears without risking to damage the ear drum.


A big thank you to Vertex Netherlands for their generous donation of an new Gel machine.

We are now able to make our own earmolds suited to each child.


New Earmoulds for our students thanks to Accoustic Technologies

IMG 1229

A big thank you to Brian Coffey from Accoustic Technologies in Dublin.

Thanks to Brian 20 students have now new earmoulds and will have secondhand hearing aids fitted.


Food parcels for Christmas

IMG 0107

Friends of FAID was able to sponsor 40 big food parcels. 20 most deserving students were able to bring 2 bags each home for Christmas. 

New Furniture in the Dorms


Wth your help Friends of FAID was able to buy new furniture for the boys and girls dorms. 

Digital Hearing Aids for the school


We would like thank Luke Allen from Hidden Hearing for giving the school a big box of second digital hand hearing aids. 

Our new keyboard


Using music to learn to hear and understand. Thomas, the English teacher is using the new keyboard donated by Friends of FAID. As you can see, the children are facinated with the keyboard and the sounds they feel from the speakers. This keyboard combined with the fm systems donated by Friends of FAID will help our students in learning to get the full use of their hearing aids in a fun way.



Liam is back in Ireland


Welcome home to Liam Foley who has spent 10 weeks volunteering at the school. You did amazing things as usual. The kids and staff will miss you.

Well done Liam and thank you from Friends of FAID, you are a very special person.

© Friends of FAID Ireland 2012
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